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Generac Generator Application

Generator Maintenance Service

Generator Maintenance Kit
  • Residential and Commercial

  • Standby - Portable - Towable

  • We Service Most Brands

  • Multiple Price Plans to Choose from

  • 25-Point Checklist

  • Prevent Potential Issues

Why Have a Maintenance Service?

A generator is a complicated piece of mechanical equipment; it needs regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will add years to the life of your equipment. Our people are factory-trained. They know how to do the work. Spotting minor problems during service checks will save you expensive repairs later. With a service plan, you get lower rates and discounts on parts. Your warranty is worth more if your generator is maintained according to the manufacturer's published instructions. The 25-Point Service Plan will be tailored to your needs- avoiding costly unscheduled service calls.

Choose the Perfect Package for Your Budget

Our New Generator Service Plan Packages are tailored to fit any budget and are available on an annual or biannual basis. Whether you want 1, 2, 3, or more service checks per year, we will schedule the work and be responsible for carrying it out when you want it. All you do is sign up for a service plan - and forget about maintenance. With our generator maintenance plans, you can have peace of mind knowing that your generator will operate when you need it. Available throughout Branford, Darien, Fairfield, Greenwich, Guildford, Madison, New Canaan, Westport, Wilton, CT, and beyond.

Generator Maintenance Packages

Residential Generator Service Plans (Not a contract and are not needed for repairs and other services)

Standard Package (Gold)
  • 25 Point Checklist*

  • Billable

  • Priority in High Demand

  • Onsite Diagnosis

  • Certified Technician

  • Automatic Transfer Switch Test

  • Discounted Labor Rates

  • No Travel Charges*

  • Courtesy Visits

* Package price applies to per visit

* Residential only

* Air Cooled and Liquid Cooled up to 150kw

* Consumables not included

* Additional work needed will incur additional costs

Economy Package (Silver)
  • 25 Point Checklist*

  • Billable

  • Priority in High Demand

  • Onsite Diagnosis

  • Certified Technician

  • Discounted Labor Rates

* Package price applies per visit

* Residential only

* Air Cooled & Liquid-Cooled up to 80kw

* Consumables not included

* Mileage charge applies

* ATS test not included

* Additional work needed will incur additional  costs

Special Package (Bronze)
  • Change Oil & Oil Filter

  • Check & or Replace Spark-plugs

  • Check & or Replace Air Filter

  • Check & adjust output voltage

  • Check & adjust output frequency

  • Check battery health

* Package price applies to per visit

* Residential only

* Air Cooled up to 20KW

* Consumables not included

* Mileage charge applies

* ATS test not included

* Onsite diagnosis not included

* Additional work needed will incur additional costs

Generator Systems' 25-Point Checklist

On Our 25-Point Checklist, We Will Perform (Where Applicable):

  • Check for coolant, oil, and fuel leaks.

  • Clean the generator of debris.

  • Inspect generator housing for rust and physical damage.

  • Inspect the generator for rodent damage.

  • Test fault lamps.

  • Check the condition of the battery, add liquid, recharge, or replace if necessary.

  • Inspect charging systems.

  • Check engine oil and oil filter; replace if necessary.

  • Inspect the cooling system's freeze point and level.

  • Check the block heater.

  • Check spark plugs, clean, and adjust.

  • Clean the air cleaner; replace it if necessary.

  • Run the unit and check for unusual sounds.

  • Inspect the muffler system.

  • Inspect and adjust fan belts.

  • Inspect hoses for leaks and damages.

  • Inspect the fuel system, and replace the filter if necessary.

  • Check the operation of the venting system.

  • Inspect the rotor and stator.

  • Check and adjust the governor system and AC output frequency.

  • Check and adjust voltage output.

  • Inspect the automatic transfer switch.

  • Perform simulated power outage test.

  • Record generator hours.

  • Submit a report to the customer.

* These service plans do not include expenses to repair damages caused by abuse, accidents, acts of a third party, forces of nature or altering of equipment. Generator Systems shall not be responsible for failure to render services caused by forces beyond its control.

Benefits of Generator Maintenance


Prolonged Lifespan: Maintaining and repairing your generator will keep it alive longer. Neglecting repairs can cause components throughout the generator to work too hard and lead to them breaking. This will lead to costly repairs or having to install a new generator much sooner than you would otherwise have to.


Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Your generator's engine creates carbon monoxide as a byproduct of the combustion process. If the exhaust system of your generator is not regularly checked to let the exhaust fumes outside instead of inside your home, it could be fatal. Our team of professionals will check to ensure that any carbon monoxide your generator produces gets released outside of your home.


Increases Efficiency: During the inspection process, our contractors will check the integrity of the generator’s components. Wildlife, such as bees, wasps, and mice, are notorious for nesting in generators and damaging wiring and other parts. This will cause your generator’s efficiency to decrease. Repairing any issues will ensure your generator performs optimally and as efficiently as possible.


Saves You Money: Most repairs for a generator are affordable. They will not cost you much to make sure that your generator is working properly and to fix any damaged components. It also prolongs the life of your generator, preventing you from having to spend much more money to replace it sooner.

For Commercial Generator Maintenance Info
Call: (203) 401-8819
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