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Generator Installation

Generator Installation

Standby Generator Installation for Businesses, Whole-house, or partial-house with multiple brands to choose from.

Champion Portable Generator

Portable Generator Installation

A permanently installed portable home backup generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your home or just the most essential items. Choose a portable backup generator for your budget. We carry multiple brands for installation options.

Generac Clean Power - Battery Backup

battery storage Installation

Monitor your energy habits and usage. Make the most of your new or existing solar array. Save energy and money while having solar-powered outage protection.

Electrical Services


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Generator Installation

Generator Systems, LLC, installers know that every backup power solution is unique. Our professional installers take into consideration the property layout, service panel location, and backup power needs of lights and appliances. As a result, we provide a customized and stress-free installation experience for our clients in Fairfield County, CT, New Haven County, CT, and other areas. Contact us to learn if we cover your location.

Backup Battery Installation

Generator Systems is introducing Battery Backup to our lineup of products. The benefit of a battery backup is multi-prong. First, the battery backup is a quiet way to have power in an outage, works with your current solar panels, and saves on utility peak hours. Suitable for a home with moderate energy demand. Battery storage systems can be installed with a standby generator for extended outages.

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To start the generator installation process, a Generator Systems salesperson will conduct an on-site visit to determine your home’s or business' specific installation needs and what local permits are needed before starting.

On this visit, we will check your electrical meter, gas lines, and circuit breaker panel location to help explore the best placement option for your generator unit and determine the wiring specifications your home will need.

Finally, we will also discuss which fuel option, natural gas or liquid propane, is available and will work best for your Site's generator system.

Installation Price Estimate

We will recommend the best standby generator and module placement for your needs. Pricing estimates will be based on the standby generator, in addition to the following:

  • Required transfer switch and modules

  • Generator installation cost, which is dependent on home electrical and fuel configuration

  • Permit costs, labor, and other incidental requirements


We will also walk you through any accessories you want to purchase and available financing options.

Prep & Installation

We will help you finalize the following before your installation:

  • We will obtain the necessary permits, which you will legally need to install a standby generator system on your property.

  • We will finalize installation requirements (concrete slab vs. blocks. underground wiring) and order the necessary materials.

  • Generator Systems' salesperson and the client will collaborate on the installation date.


Note: Generators cannot be installed when the ground is frozen; late spring, summer, and early fall are ideal times for cold-climate residents.

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